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Benefits of a Massage Therapy

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Many people consider massage as something that only people with money or time on their hands would indulge into. Let’s face it, most commercials tout massage as a luxury item to add to your bucket list when you are on vacation or someone offer you a gift certificate for a special occasion such as holiday or birthday. But there are many benefits to massage therapy, whether you get them on a regular basis or just one off. Massage is great for relaxation and tension relief but there are far more benefits than just in those two areas.

The body responds to massage through touch sensory which is stimulated through pressure receptors. The most common form of massage is the Swedish massage or therapeutic massage for which your body responds to pressure through touch. There many studies conducted addressing the effect of massage on the body. Through these studies I will highlight some of the many benefits of massage.While this list is long this is not at all inclusive, far more studies have been conducted proving massage having lasting benefits that outweighs the notion that massage is just for relaxation on your spare time.

Effects of Massage on the Cardiovascular System:

benefits of massage therapy*Dilates blood vessels

*Improves blood circulation

*Decreases blood pressure

*Reduces ischemia

*Reduces heart and pulse rates

*Increase stroke volume

*Increase white blood cell (WBC) count

Effects of Massage on the Lymphatic and the Immune Systems

*Promotes lymph circulation

*Reduces edema

*Increases lymphocyte count

Effects of Massage on the Nervous and Endocrine System

*Reduces stress

*Reduces anxiety

*Promotes relaxation

*Reduces feelings of deprssion

*Decreases pain

Effects of Massage on Muscles

*Relieves muscular tension

*Relaxes muscles

benefits of massage therapy*Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

*Reduces trigger point formation

*Increases range of motion

*Improves performance (balance and posture)

*Lengthens muscles

*Increases flexibility

*Tones weak muscles

Effects of Massage on Connective Tissues

*Reduces keloid formation

*Reduces excessive scar formation

*Releases fascial restrictions

*Improves connective tissue healing

Effects of Massage on Digestive System

*Promotes evacuation of the colon

*Relieves constipation

*Stimulates digestion

*Relieves colic and intestinal gas

Miscellaneous Effects of Massage Therapy

*Reduces fatigue an increases vigor

*Improves sleep pattern

*Improves mood

*Reduces job-related and posttraumatic stress

*Improves lifestyle habits

*Increases mental alertness

*Satisfy emotional needs

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