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Body treatments to include body wraps and body scrubs



Choosing a body wrap is a great addition to any weight loss goals. As a retired military veteran who was also a PRT Coordinator in the navy, we understand how important it is for your career and weight loss goals to be met during the PRT (Physical Readiness Test) and PFT (Physical Fitness Test) so you don’t have to do the mandatory physical training as a result of failed weight measurement.

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 Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wraps (2) choices:

*** Torso Trimmers***Slimmer in one hour

A targeted seaweed body wrap focusing on the mid-section, torso, and hips regions. Ideal for the military whose only focus is losing 1- 4 inches in these designated areas. Guaranteed results!!!!!

60 minutes for $75

Package of (2) treatments $150

90 minutes for $90

Package of (2) treatments $180

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***Full Body Wrap***  6- 20 inches  in one hour

Just what you need to get into that little black dress or your favorite suit. Of course, this wrap is also our feel-good wrap. It a great treat for helping with stress reduction, relief of pain caused by swelling and inflammation. Got cellulite? This wrap helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Give it a try!

(Results are obtained by measuring in 19 places on the body both before and after the wrap)

60 mins for $90

Packages of (2) treatments for $180

90 mins for $110

Packages of (2) treatments for $220

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What to expect:

Full consultation to address any medical concerns or conditions. Each client is dry brushed for gentle exfoliation and to get the blood circulating in the area. Dry brushing feels so good and helps with loosening dead skin before a wrap. Then clients are thoroughly measured in the treatment areas. Full body wraps are measured in 19 places on the body. Our trained wrap technicians will wrap the body appropriately with ace bandages that have been soaked and warmed in a mineral solution. Following the wrap, clients will adorn in a sauna suit and relaxed in a reclining position, in a hot environment to help with detoxification, while the wrap does its thing. Afterward, the client is remeasured to show the amazing results.

Benefits of Body Wraps:

* weight loss


*toning and firming of skin

* pain relief

*cellulite reduction


*lowering elevated blood pressure

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