Yoni Vaginal Steam Thearapy

Hip Bath

Yoni Vaginal Steam Therapy

Vaginal steam may sound like the latest celebrity quirk or fad, but, in truth, it has some surprising health benefits and a history of healing. Also known as V-steaming or yoni steaming, vagina steaming, or hip bath all variations have their roots in Africa, Asia, and Central America. Learn more

Traditional V-Steam

Our traditional steam, using a general blend. Great for first-time steamers!

(30 to 45 minutes session)

$65.00 Package of 3 for $180


Fertility V-Steam

Our fertility steam is a specialty blend, geared toward helping clients battling infertility issues.

(45 minutes session) $65.00

Postpartum V-Steam

Our postpartum steam is a specialty blend, geared toward helping clients through postpartum. May also be a selection for clients who have experienced a miscarriage.

(45 minutes session) $65.00

Perimenopause/Menopause V-Steam

Our perimenopause/menopause steam is a specialty blend, geared toward helping clients battling menopausal issues.

(45 minutes session) $65.00

At Instinctive Massage, we want to ensure that women receiving this service get the maximum benefit from their session. In order for this to happen, it is necessary for all women to receive a comprehensive assessment prior to their first service. Women have the option to schedule a Yoni V Steam Only Service,  our Relaxation Bliss Treatment that includes the Womb & Foot Stimulation with Vaginal Steam or our Goddess Woman Package that includes Yoni Vaginal Steam, Womb & Foot Stimulation, and a warm Castor Oil/Clay Pack for the abdomen.

Goddess Woman – Package 1

This Yoni V Steam Package includes a 15 minute one on one personal intake and assessment followed by a 30-minute Womb & Foot Stimulation. Next, a wonderful Castor Oil/Clay Pack is applied to the abdominal area. This is warmed by applying and massaging Hot Rocks over the abdominal area. Its benefits are detoxification and helping to get things moving again. This session is finished, by receiving a 30-minute Vaginal Steam session, with a complimentary cup of Yoni Tea that helps to sweeten your entire body. Your time is precious.

Total time is 2 hours

Cost is $160.00    

Relaxation Bliss– One Hour Swedish Massage Womb & Yoni V Steam

Indulge yourself with a 60 minutes Swedish Massage with a Yoni V Steam. A complimentary cup of Yoni Herbel Tea is included.

Total time is 1 hour 30 mins       

Cost is $130.00      

Healing Station – Womb/Foot Stimulation & Yoni V Steam

This option includes the Womb and Foot Stimulation along with the Yoni V Steam. A complimentary cup of Yoni Herbal Tea is included.

Total time is 1 hour

Cost is $105.00     

Contraindications To Receiving This Service

Do Not Steam After Waxing

Do Not Steam If You Have An IUD

Do Not Steam If You Are Pregnant

Do Not Steam If You Have An STD

Do Not Steam If You Have A Vaginal Infection


*All deposits are non-refundable.

Clients arriving 15 minutes past their set appointment time, without prior notification, will incur a $10 late fee if we can accommodate the full session.  50% of the service fee – the no show fee will be applied to clients who do not cancel their appointment or reschedule 24 hours before appointment time.