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October/November Fall Facial Special




Delight your senses with the citrusy tang of Orange Zest. It is the perennial favorite when it comes to the holiday season. We’ve paired up our Orange Zest Enzyme and Dark Chocolate Mint Mask to deliver high levels of Vitamin C and create oxygenation in the skin for a holiday glow your clients will love. The Cacao in the Dark Chocolate Mint Mask creates a vasodilatory effect and will create flushing for an exchange of toxins within the skin. Orange Zest contains 4% Lactic Acid and 1.5% Glycolic Acid for a gentle, yet effective exfoliation.

Skin Conditions: Anti-aging, normal/combo, dry (not for rosacea due to the flushing effect of Cacao)

Orange Enzyme: This enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that brightens the skin with small percentages of lactic and glycolic acids that digest dead skin cells and soften sebum. The antioxidants within the orange are a perfect anti-aging treatment that will create a healthy glow.

Dark Chocolate Mint Mask: Cocoa, glycerin, and squalane are excellent emollients, lubricants, and humectant to draw moisture to dry, flaky skin. Vitamin E is an excellent anti-aging antioxidant.

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