Body Contouring Treatments

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Non-Surgical Laser Lipo

 Targeting unwanted fat, this procedure reduces fat deposits and body circumference, and improves body shape. The body naturally removes these fat cells over a 2-3 week period and most patients see maximum results about 4 weeks after the procedure. The results are long-lasting.

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Cellulite Reduction

A combination of non-invasive equipment such as radio frequency and ultrasound cavitation that safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming the problem areas.

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Non- Surgical Skin Tightening

New radio frequency (rf) energy treatment that use radio waves, which heats skin at specific depths and locations to induce collagen production that helps tighten loose or sagging skin. Ideal for stomach, face, arms, thighs & also great  for post baby loose skin.

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Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift

Needing a change in your buttock’s appearance? New vacuum therapy creates butt enhancements/ lift without the need for surgery. If your behind is sagging, shapeless or just flat- this new vacuum therapy raise, re-position and tighten for a fuller and rounder look.

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30 min / $50

Not sure of what procedure is best for you? Book a consultation with us so we can map out the proper actions needed in order to address your problem areas. This fee is credited to any procedure you decide to have.