Welcome to Instinctive Massage! Where we blend Medical Massage for chronic pain relief with Therapeutic Massage for stress release and relaxation!

Instinctive Massage of Portsmouth We emphasize Health, Wellness and Performance Enhancement! * We want you to answer your body's cry out for relief from sore muscles, stress, tension and much needed healing by INSTINCTIVELY seeking a therapeutic massage to ease any ill-effects on the body that may be taking its toll at the moment. * Our Massage Therapists are state and nationally certified, trained and highly skilled in various massage modalities that address, treat, reduce or relieve such symptoms and ailments associated with chronic pain treatments such as: *back pain *neck stiffness *whip splash *sore muscles *sciatica *sports injuries *herniated discs *manual lymphatic drainage Or take time to address your skin care needs by experiencing a professional facial by one of our trained Estheticians.

Facials and Skin Care

Specializing in facials treatments. Microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, light therapy. Starting at $40

Waxing Hair Removal

Full body waxing for both female and male including brazilians. Waxing starting at $10

Body Wraps & Detox

Body wrap treatments for inch loss and detox treatment with instant results! Starting at $75

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage Experts

We offer the most complete Post-Surgical Treatment in Hampton Roads! We are Certified Massage Therapists certified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Post-Surgical Massage in Portsmouth dedicated to assisting you in your recovery after your liposuction, tummy tuck, Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt lift with fat transfer or any kind of aesthetic surgery. The main objective of our Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Post Operative Massage in Portsmouth is to accelerate the healing process reducing Fibrosis, scarring, and pain, the typical effects of Liposuction, Tummy Tuck or any other type of surgery in the shortest amount of time possible. Instinctive Massage based in Portsmouth, one of our main goal is to deliver the ultimate Lymphatic Drainage Massage servicing all of Hampton Roads. We meet people suffering from pain, swelling, bruising and skin hardening and also showing uncomfortable lumps known as fibrosis. Combining various massage techniques, we accelerate circulation and the drainage of the lymphatic fluid thus producing total recovery from the first session. Instinctive Massage Lymphatic Drainage Massage offers its patients the most complete Post Lipo Massage in Portsmouth. We also offer manual lymphatic drainage for pregnant women helping reduce the edema, the stress and pain on the lower back, improving the quality of life for the mom-to-be.

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